software speeds up job shop ISO certification

Software can speed job shop ISO certification

Rehtek Machine Company, one of E2’s customers, was recently featured in the ‘Better Production’ section of Modern Machine Shop, one of the top metalworking publications. The article largely spotlights how the company used software to speed job shop ISO certification. We thought we’d toot his horn some – and ours too in the process – and […]

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The art and science of manufacturing scheduling software

Of the many challenges facing today’s job shop owner, scheduling has to be among the toughest. Obviously, production and manufacturing scheduling software helps take much of the guesswork out of running your shop efficiently, but scheduling is still part art, and part science. Variables such as customers changing orders, vendors letting you down, data not […]

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Choosing the best job shop management software sometimes means replacing older systems.

What’s the best shop management software for your job shop?

We were at a machine shop trade show recently and I had a very direct question come from one of the conference attendees. After sizing up our booth he leaned in and asked, “So who’s got the best shop management software here at the show?” What job shop software providers wouldn’t jump at the chance […]

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Job shop software helps shops get ISO certification

E2’s quality module and ISO quality certification for job shops got some props recently in a Modern Machine Shop article about K & E Plastics, a second-generation machine shop in Vermont. ISO 9001:2008 certification is built into the E2 job shop software solution, offering shop owners a cost-saving alternative or supplement to an ISO-certification consultant. Read more here about ISO 9001:2008 […]

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Job shop software plays a big role in optimistic outlook

According to several industry sources, the small- and mid-size manufacturing sector in the U.S. is beginning to show some solid signs of growth. And as manufacturers invest in new equipment, and the trend continues to return overseas production to the U.S., all indications are strong for job shop software to continue to play a bigger […]

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Manufacturing software industry trends and job shop software buying advice

When it comes to shopping for job shop software, you owe it to yourself and your company to hear what others are saying about the many options out there. There are some helpful third-party sites that I’ll address in future blog articles, but for now allow me to focus on the Software Advice, and author […]

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3 key steps to follow when selecting job shop software

You’ve been appointed to the software selection committee for your job shop –or you’re a committee of one – and you want to know where to start. Buying an ERP platform for your small- to mid-size job shop is a monumental step. Maybe you’re replacing an existing implementation, or starting anew. Either way, be sure […]

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Manufacturing software training: the key to success

A new device or piece of equipment may be dynamic and powerful. But without the user being aware of all its capability and understanding how it operates, its full potential cannot be realized. Thorough training, therefore, is critical when it comes to implementing a manufacturing software package, and more specifically, enterprise resource planning (ERP) or […]

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